How to customize the walls of your office

With our announcement of Teamflow 2.0 comes awesome new customization features. One of them includes the option to customize the walls of your office. This gives users the ability to bring your office to life!

In order to customize the walls of your office, follow these steps;

1.Click on the customization tool at the top left in your Teamflow environment. (If you're on the main floor of your workspace it will say Customize. If you're in a room it will say '...', which will lead to an option to click 'Customize Space' from the dropdown menu). Once the customization tool is open in the sidebar, press the second option called 'Layout'. Scroll down to where it says 'Customize Walls'.

2. Click on a wall option of your choice. Once selected, hover your mouse over where you want to place the wall. You can then either click, hold, and drag to create an enclosed wall or click to add one part of the wall at a time

While you're in the layout editor, you'll notice a new toolbar which includes 3 options to configure your floors;

1. The  'Select Tool' will allow you to select a specific tile by single-clicking or selecting a range of tiles by clicking and dragging. Once the tiles are selected, you can either delete or move their placement with the 'delete' key or dragging the tile(s).

2. The  'Hand Tool' will allow you to click, hold, and drag to pan around your office while in the layout mode.

3. The  'Erase Tool' will allow you to erase the tiles of the floor by clicking, holding, and dragging to erase a set of tiles or click to erase one tile at a time