Creating Rooms

Rooms allow you to create dedicated spaces within Teamflow for meetings, project documents, or even your own personal office.

In this article we show you how to:

  1. How to create a room
    • Simply click on the + New button on your left side bar to drop a new room.
    • A room will appear on the screen. Drag the room where you want to place it, and then use your mouse to size the room to your liking.
    • Click on the checkmark to save your changes.
  2. How to change the name of your room
    • To rename the room, select the room in customize mode. 
    • Click on the first icon in the task bar that appears. This will allow you to rename the room. 
    • Click on the checkmark to save changes
  3. How to set the orientation of the room's door
    • To rotate a room, click on the room in customize mode, and click on the rotate icons to change the direction of the room. 
    • Once complete, click on the checkmark to save changes. 
    • Don't forget to hit Save & Exit when you're done customizing.

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