Integrating Outreach

Important Note:

  • The Teamflow user e-mail address must be the same as the Outreach account that will be used. 
  • Someone that is an admin must be the first person to link their account. Otherwise, there will be an error during the authorization flow.
  1. Click on the settings button, which you can find when you hover your mouse over your avatar.

  2. In the modal that appears, please click the Link Outreach Account button.

  3. A new window will pop up that shows you are now connected to Outreach. Press Close.

  4. If you receive an error on this page, please reach out to One of our engineers will look into it.
  5. Connect a headset to their computer so that your computer audio is using the headset for both input and output.
  6. In Teamflow, make sure your Microphone (Mic) and Headset (Audio) are both set to the correct headset.
  7. In Teamflow, click on 'Share' on the toolbar, then:
    1. Click on the Chrome Tab on the right of the modal
    2. Ensure the Outreach tab is selected
    3. Toggle 'Share tab audio' at the bottom left of the modal

  8. Now your Outreach should show up in your office with the ability for your colleagues to hear  🥳 

  9. That's it! All calls should sync your status to blank, dialing, or on a call. Happy calling 😎