Integrating Aircall

In this article we show you how to:

Setup - Admin

  1. As an admin, head over to and sign in.
  2. Click on Integrations & API

  3. Click on Discover Integrations

  4. Scroll down to Webhook → Install Integration

  5. On the installation page, include these details under the following fields;

    Custom webook name: Teamflow Webhook


  6. We only need the following checked. All other events on this page should be disabled

  7. Once you've completed these steps, click Add Webhook at the bottom right of the screen, then click on Edit Settings to go back to the Integrations & API page. You will notice the information you filled out on the previous page should show up on your Integrations & API page

  8. Click on the saved webhook. Verify the URL, and it should also give you a token. Copy that token and send it your point of contact at Teamflow so we can store it and use it to verify your webhook events.

  9. That's it! The Integration is complete from the admin side 🥳

Setup - SDR

Anyone using aircall can benefit from this synced status feature. To have the benefit of call audio being streamed between users we recommend the following setup

Important Note:

  • The Teamflow user e-mail address must be the same as the Outreach account that will be used. 
  • Someone that is an admin must be the first person to link their account. Otherwise, there will be an error during the authorization flow.
  1. Connect a headset to their computer so that their computer audio is using the headset for both input and output.
  2. In Teamflow, make sure your Microphone (Mic) and Headset (Audio) are both set to the correct headset.

  3. Make sure you're using the web version of aircall:
    1. Note: you don’t have to use the web version if you don’t care about it streaming audio for someone else to hear. If you simply want your status’ updated, you can use the desktop app, and it will still sync the status.

  4. In Teamflow, click on 'Share' on the toolbar then;
    1. Click on the Chrome Tab on the right of the modal
    2. Ensure the Aircall tab is selected
    3. Toggle 'Share tab audio' at the bottom left of the modal

  5. Now your Aircall should show up in your office 🥳 

  6. That's it! All calls should sync your status to blank, dialing, or on a call. Happy calling 😎