Limiting apps

Depending on your computer specifications, Teamflow's performance may be affected by the size of your office and the number of active apps in your workspace. This is why we've introduced our ' Limiting Apps' feature.

The ' Limiting Apps' feature allows you to limit the number of active apps in the workspace. This will ensure that your CPU is only being used for apps that are valuable to your experience.

In order to enable this feature, please follow these instructions;

  • Hovering over your avatar will show a dropdown menu button next to your name. If you click that, it will reveal a dropdown menu where you can click on Settings.

  • In the setting menu, scroll down to the Performance tab. Once there, you will see the Max number of apps option. Use the slider to choose the limit you'd like to set for active apps in your workspace.

  • That's it. Once enabled, the apps that are nearest to the center of your screen will be active. Any apps that are not active, will be put to sleep. If you'd like to replace certain apps, you can select a