Spatial Ribbon Mode

Spatial Ribbon Mode

One of our most requested features is the ability to view your video in full-screen-mode, while also being able to interact with the Teamflow environment. Our answer to this is Spatial Ribbon Mode!

Spatial Ribbon Mode enables you to keep your full-screen video at the top of your Teamflow environment, while also being able to interact and navigate with the environment.

In order to enable Spatial Ribbon Mode, click on the chevron on  Cam button on your dock. From thep pop-up menu, then click on Activate Spatial Ribbon.

That's it -- Spatial Ribbon Mode is now activated 🥳

Auto-Activate Spatial Mode

Sometimes you may want use Spatial Ribbon Mode only when your colleagues' videos become too small. Having to enable and disable Spatial Ribbon mode may become inconvenient. This is why we've created Auto-Spatial Ribbon Mode. Auto-Spatial Ribbon Mode will automatically provide you with a spatial ribbon when you zoom out past a certain point, so you can continue to see your colleagues' videos clearly.

If you'd like to disable Auto-Spatial Ribbon Mode, please follow these instructions;

1) Click on the settings button, which you can find when you hover your mouse over your avatar

2) Under the Audio & Video option, scroll down to see Auto activate spatial ribbon. Click the switch to disable it.