How to move your meetings over to Teamflow

Teamflow works best when you move your existing meetings over to Teamflow. Meetings serve as the driver that brings teams onto the platform, and then between those meetings are when the serendipitous conversations start to take place!

We recommend managers lead the way by moving over their existing meetings such as:

  • Team stand-ups
  • 1v1s with colleagues
  • Project meetings
  • Cross-functional syncs
  • Social events and happy hours

Step 1: Get the invite link

  • Inside Teamflow, go to the room that you want to hold your meeting within.
  • Copy the URL in your browser. Below is just an example – every room has their own unique link.
  • This is your invite link! 
  • Anyone that you send this link to will be able to click on it to join your space in Teamflow. Links do not expire unless they are manually regenerated. 

Step 2: Modify your calendar invites

  • Go to your calendar and select a meeting you would like to move to Teamflow.
  • Paste the Teamflow link in your location details.
  • Hit save.
  • And that's it! When your colleagues hit the join link they will go straight into Teamflow.