Microphone and Camera are in use

If you are using multiple video conferencing applications, the software may not let go of camera / microphone devices after a few times of switching between the different applications. This may prompt an error on Teamflow that says your microphone and camera are in-use, even when no other applications are open. For example, if you have Zoom installed, it can take-over your camera and microphone even when Zoom is not running. This may cause issues enabling Audio/Video on Teamflow.

In order to resolve this, you can check a few settings;

1) If you have Zoom installed, please go to Preferences -> Audio and uncheck "Automatically adjust Microphone Volume".

If you do not have Zoom installed, please follow these instructions;


  1. Open Task Manager and properly close any video conferencing app other than Teamflow that is still running in the background.
  2. If that still doesn't work, kill Teamflow from Task Manager as well and re-open


  1. Open Activity Monitor and search for the app. 
  2. Use the Ⓧ button to kill any process belonging to any other video conferencing app.