How to install Teamflow's Meeting Add-On as an Admin

Teamflow's Google Workspace Add-On allows you to book meetings and schedule them in specific rooms all within your Google Calendar.

In this article we show you how to;

How to install Teamflow's Meeting Add-On

In order to install the Google Workspace Team Meeting Add On, follow these steps below:

1. Head over to the Teamflow Meeting Add-On by going to the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking here

2. If you are an admin of your workspace, press ' Admin Install' to install Teamflow's Meeting Add-On for everyone within your organization.

3. Once you've clicked ' Admin Install', you will receive a pop-up that indicates the Installation may take up to 24 hours for your entire Google Workspace. Please click 'Continue'

4. Once you've clicked 'Continue', you will be prompted with a modal that asks which users you want to install Teamflow's Google Workspace app for. Click 'Everyone at your organization' and then please check the box to accept the Terms of Service.

5. Congratulations! You've just completed the Installation process for Teamflow's Meeting Add-On for you and the rest of your organization.

How to use Teamflow's Meeting Add-On

1. Once the Meeting Add-On in installed, open your Google Calendar to begin scheduling your first meeting.

2. Once Google Calendar is open, click on the Teamflow Icon on the right vertical toolbar to open the Meeting Add-On. 

3. After you've opened the meeting add-on, choose a time on your calendar that you'd like to schedule your meeting. When the meeting pop-up opens, you'll be provided with the list of rooms within your organization. Once you pick one, it will automatically sync your scheduled meeting with your meeting room.

4. That's it! You've just scheduled yourself a new meeting on your calendar that connects you directly to a specific room on Teamflow 😃