How to enable Teamflow Lite

Teamflow is a platform that unites globe-spanning teams. With that comes users across the world who have varying bandwidth and CPU resources. That's why we're introducing Teamflow Lite. 

Teamflow Lite is a setting within Teamflow that keeps all the best things about Teamflow, while removing the high bandwidth and CPU intensive features.

What's removed in Teamflow Lite;

  • HD Video
  • Ability to use multiple apps at a time
  • Calendar Integration
  • Face Centering
  • Mini-Map
  • Some animations

In order to enable Teamflow Lite, please follow these steps;

1) Click on the settings button, which you can find when you hover your mouse over your avatar

2) Under the ' Performance' option, you will see 'Lite mode.' Click the switch to enable Teamflow Lite.

 Learn more about degraded A/V performance here.