How to remove users from your workspace

Sometimes companies need to remove users from their workspace. The amount of users within a company's workspace is tied to their subscription price, so it's important have the correct amount of users within the workspace.

In order to properly remove a user from your workspace, please follow these steps;

1) Ensure the sidebar is expanded by clicking the " Expand Sidebar" button at the top of the sidebar

2) Once the sidebar is expanded, highlight over the user's name you'd like to remove, then click the "..." to open a dropdown menu

3) In the dropdown menu, scroll down and click ' Remove from Space'. You should get a notification that this user was removed.

4) Once you click Remove from Space, there will be a modal that pops up asking the reason for removing this user. Choose one of these options.

4) Once you remove a user from your workspace, they will not be able to re-join the space. Your company's subscription will also be updated immediately.