How to install and use the Google Chrome Extension

Teamflow's Google Chrome extension allows you to book meetings and schedule them in specific rooms all within your Google Calendar.

In order to install the Google Chrome Extension, follow these steps below:

1. Head over to the Teamflow Virtual Office extension on Chrome's Web Store here

2. Press 'Add to Chrome' to install Teamflow's Chrome Extension.

3. Once the Chrome Extension is installed, add a new event to your calendar. Press the new button that says 'Meet in your Virtual Office'.

4. A new window will open asking you to choose which Google account you would like to sync with Teamflow. Select an account to proceed.

5. You will then see a permission screen like the one below. Click Allow.

6. Once Google Permissions are accepted, create a new event on your calendar. Press the new button that says 'Meet in your Virtual Office', then choose a room within your office within the dropdown menu that you want to meet in. Then hit 'Save'

7. Voila! You've just scheduled yourself a new meeting on your calendar that connects you directly to a specific room on Teamflow.