Adding Speaker Circles

Adding Speaker Circles to your space is a great way to make a broadcast to the entire workspace. We often find that Speaker Circles are great for events, town halls, and announcements.

In order to add a Speaker Circle, follow these steps;

1) To create a Speaker Circle, first click on your #Room Name and then the Customize Space button from the dropdown menu.

2) In the Furniture tab, under the header Interactive items you can either drag or click the Speaker Circle logo to add it to your office

3) Once the Speaker Circle is added to the environment, move your avatar over the Speaker circle to begin broadcasting to your room. When the presenter places themselves on the Speaker Circle, the rest of the audience will go into whisper mode, where they can talk to colleagues close by without interrupting the speaker.

Note: Any Speaker Circle that is placed within an audio-zone will only broadcast to the participants within that specific audio-zone. If you place a Speaker Circle on the main floor of your office, then anyone inside an audio-zone will not be able to hear you.