How to use rooms

In this article we show you how to:

How to enter and exit rooms

There are two ways to enter a room:

  1. If you are nearby the room, you can simply walk your avatar into the room:
  2. You can use the quick search feature by pressing Command (⌘) + K, clicking on the room name, and then clicking on Go to Room.

  3. To exit a room, click on the Main Floor or another room on the left side bar.

How to invite teammates to rooms

You can use the " Invite to you" feature to invite a teammate to your room.

  1. Find their name in the left side bar, right click on their name, and then choose the 'Invite Over' option.

  2. Your team member will get a notification, inviting them over to talk to you. If they accept, they will be sent to your room.

How to invite a guest out of app directly to a room

  1. To invite a guest directly to your room, click on the Invite button at the top right.
  2. Simply type in your guest's email in the field and click Invite to send your guest an invite. Any emails not associated with your Teamflow workspace will automatically be assigned a Guest role. 
  3. If you'd like to remove the guest from your room or upgrade these guests to a full team member, you can click the "..." beside each users invite, which will provide a drop-down menu. You can either choose Upgrade to member or Remove.

How to lock and unlock rooms

Locking rooms is a great way to control who can enter a room.

  1.  To lock a room you need to first be inside the room. Click on the room name at the top left within your Teamflow environment and then select Lock Room from the dropdown.
  2. If someone tries to enter a locked room, those inside will receive a notification that someone is knocking on the door. You can let them in or decline their request.
  3. To unlock your room, repeat the same step, but now you will see an option to Unlock Room.

How to control spatial audio

When inside a room, you can turn spatial audio on or off for the whole room.

  1. To turn spatial audio on, Click on the #Room Name at the top left within your Teamflow environment and click on the toggle next to Spatial Audio. With spatial audio on, only people near you will be able to hear you.
  2. To turn spatial audio off, repeat the same steps. With spatial audio off, all team members can hear each other equally in the room regardless of distance. 
  3. When Spatial Audio is on, you'll notice that when you hover over your avatar, you will see a transparent bubble around you.

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