Chatting with team members

Teamflow has its own chat app allowing you to communicate with your team even when you're not all in the same space. 

In this article we show you how to:

  1. Chat on the Main Floor
  • Our main floor chat allows you to talk to your whole team. To open the main floor chat, click on the Chat icon that is located on the top toolbar.

  •  After you're done with chat, If you'd like to go back to spatial mode, you can click on the Space button.
  1. Chat in a room

    • All chats are room-specific, so the most common way to chat within a room is to enter that room. However, sometimes you may want to send a message to a room that you aren't in. You can do this by using the quick search feature by pressing Command (⌘) + K, then typing in the room you'd like to chat in and then choosing the Chat option. This will allow you to open any room's chat.
  2. Chat with another team member
    • You can also chat with other team members one on one. If you'd like to send a chat message to a colleague, you can easily do so by following these simple steps;
      • Find their user icon on the sidebar
      • Right click on their name to bring up a drop-down menu
      • Click on Chat

  1. Turn on/off notifications
    • To turn on your notifications, use your mouse to highlight over a room name on the sidebar, then click on the three dots that are revealed, and then press Enable Notifications.

    • To turn off your notifications, repeat the same steps, but instead you'll see an option to Mute Notifications.

    • In addition, you'll want to make sure you web browser and operating system has notifications enabled:
      • Click here to learn how to check if your web browser has notifications enabled.
      • Click here to learn more how to check if your Mac notifications are enabled
      • Click here to learn how to check if your Windows notifications are enabled. 

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