Moving around in Teamflow

In this article we show you how to:

How to move your avatar

Go to a teammate

Invite a teammate over to you

To invite a team member to over to you, find their name in the left side bar and click on the  ... next to the chat icon. Select Invite from the dropdown. 

The team member you want to invite over will get a notification, inviting them over to talk to you. If they accept, they will be teleported over to you.

How to enter and exit rooms

There are two ways to enter a room:

  1. If you are nearby the room, you can simply walk your avatar into the room:
  2. You can find the room in the left side bar and click on it to jump into the room:
  3. You can use the quick search feature by pressing Command (⌘) + K search for the room and then click Go to room:

  4. To exit a room, click on the Main Floor or another room on the left side bar.

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