How do I foster adoption inside my team

You can't have a virtual office without the rest of your team! In this article we show you tips for how to drive adoption with your co-workers:

Bookmark Teamflow (for those using their web browser)

  • Adding Teamflow to your favorites makes it super easy to launch Teamflow every morning.
  • On most browsers there is a star icon on the top right side of the address bar. Clicking on it will give you the option to add Teamflow as a bookmark.

  • You will then see Teamflow as one of your quick links below your address bar. Clicking on it will take you to your virtual office!

Download the Desktop App

We offer a desktop app which gives you a dedicated window just for Teamflow. We recommend teams download the app to get the best experience.

  • To download, click here.
  • Pick the correct download link based on whether you are using a Mac or Windows.
  • Open the installer by double clicking on the file. If you can't find the file, it is typically placed in your downloads folder.
  • Follow the instructions to install Teamflow on your computer
  • Once completed, open the Teamflow app and sign-in! 

Connect with Slack

Our Slack integration allows you to easily share your Teamflow link with your colleagues and start a meeting spontaneously. 

With Teamflow in Slack you can: 

  • Share a link with colleagues to your main floor.
  • Share a link with colleagues to a specific room.
  • Notify a Slack channel when colleagues are in Teamflow.
  • Sync your status between Teamflow and Slack.

Click here to learn how to integrate with Slack.

Setup daily co-working time

Setting up daily co-working time is a great way to prompt your team to join you in Teamflow and build habit in the first couple of weeks.

  • To help make regular co-working a routine, set up a recurring calendar invite.
  • We find that popular hours are 10-12pm or 2-4pm.
  • If you add our slack integration it will notify the channel when two or more people join Teamflow.
  • Be sure to customize your virtual co-working space to meet your team’s needs!

Setup rooms for important projects

Remember how easy it used to be to hang things on the wall, and have a space in the office fully dedicated to a project? Teamflow lets you do just that.

  • Set up a dedicated room for your project, let’s say an overhaul of your marketing website, and then use that space as your one-stop shop for project-related work.
  • Pin your dashboards to review key metrics, add copy docs and to-do lists from your favorite project management tool, and have all relevant materials available in one space.
  • Pull up a whiteboard, scratch pad, or embed your favourite app to start collaborating in real-time.
  • All your docs will remain in this room and be accessible to anyone at anything. 

Install the Google Chrome Calendar Extension

It's never been easier to schedule meetings on Teamflow!

Teamflow's Google Chrome extension allows you to book meetings and schedule them in specific rooms all within your Google Calendar. All recipients will automatically be updated with the link for the room for the meeting.

Follow the steps listed here to install Teamflow's Google Chrome extension.